Caring for your 100% No-Iron Cotton Garment

Following these instructions will help preserve your custom-made garment.


Laundering your Cotton Garment:

  • Machine washing is acceptable as long as your garment does not have lace.  If it does, hand wash it to preserve the lace.
  • Use cold water, a gentle cycle, and mild detergent.  Avoid strong detergents, especially concentrated forms or ones with optical whiteners, bleach, or alkalis.  Absolutely NO BLEACHES.  Stains should be treated individually. 
  • Your garment can be put in the dryer, but only on the most delicate cycle. 
  • It’s best to remove your garment from the dryer while it is still a little damp, give it a quick press, and hang until completely dry.


Treating Stains:

Immediately treat a stain by using Shout or Spray-N-Wash or something similar. Lay your garment on a clean towel, and with a washcloth, rub it gently and briefly so as to not rub a hole in the fabric.  Rinse it well to remove all of the stain remover.  Put it between dry towels or washcloths to absorb the excess moisture.  DO NOT ring the cotton.  If it is still too wet, do not iron over it because it will scorch easily.  Or if the stain is not completely removed, treat it again BEFORE ironing the garment, as heat sets stains.


Pressing your cotton garment:

Since this cotton has been treated with an anti-wrinkle agent it will require very little ironing.  However, a quick ironing will give it a much sharper and crisp look. 
Spray lightly with water and use a hot iron on the "cotton" setting.  Avoid letting the iron remain on one spot for too long to avoid scorching.  Move the iron in a constant but gentle motion.  Begin with the neckband/shoulder bands.  Next iron the sleeves – front and back.  Then do the skirt last.



As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me! 


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